sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012


                                                                 "COMING TO AMERICA".

My parents came to the States from Ireland in teh middle of the 19th century . When they were in Ireland  they lived on a farm and grew their orwn food. It was a hard life because tehy had no running water or electricity . There was no work and people lined up for free food at soup kitchens. 
Many people starved to death. My parents decided to move to Ameerica where they knew there was food and jobs.

I was born two years afeter they arrived . Now i live in one-room apartment in New York . We have rinning water and electricity ! i have a good  job , i work in a conbstruction and we build the fantastic skyscrapers you see shooting  up nowdays.

Life is not perfect , but is far better than the life my parents led in Ireland . 

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